Weekly Generation

Weekly Generation

The top graph shows the last 7 days actual power generation as reported by the National Grid. This is the total amount of power supplied into the Grid for all sources, but excluding power that is generated and used on site. As power is not stored, this can also be read as the total demand for power.

The two pie charts breakdown the generation into Brown (Traditional sources like oil, gas and coal), Green (Solar, Biomass, etc), Blue (Nuclear) and other (Imports from Europe), and a more detailed breakdown by actual generation type. This is useful to see how "Green" the grid has been over the last 24 hours.

The table gives a detailed breakdown of the data behind the charts and graph.

All generation is measured in MWh.
Total Generation updates every 30 minutes - Solar is estimated
Generation by Type
Breakdown of Brown, Green, Blue (Nuclear) and Imported Energy
Generation by Fuel Type
Breakdown of Current Power Generation - updates every 30 minutes
Solar Generation
Detailed Generation
Daily Generation in GW

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