Weekly Generation

from 2021/01/16 11:10 to 2021/01/23 11:10

What were the trends in UK electricity generation this week?
How much does solar generation vary through the week?
Is Coal or oil being used to generate electricity in the last 7 days?
When was the highest demand for electricity this week?
Do we use less power at the weekend?
On which day of the week does the UK use most energy?
How much solar power was generated in the last 24 hours?
Are we importing power from France?
Are we using electricity from the Netherlands?
Is Ireland supplying the UK with power?

These are all questions and more are answered in these 7 day energy charts.

This a continuous live stream of real time electricity production in the UK. The data, including solar is updated every 30 minutes, 24/7/365.

This information is based on data provided by the National Grid and Sheffield University.

The first chart shows the total power generation, generation including solar over the last 7 days. This give an complete overview of the trend in energy production in the UK.

The other charts show the breakdown between the actual fuel type used to generate the power. This is known as the Generation Mix.

The tables give actual figures, for those who like more detail.

All graphs can be downloaded and shared.

All generation is measured in Gigawatts, GW.

Total Generation updates every 30 minutes - Solar is estimated
Generation by Type
Breakdown of Brown, Green, Blue (Nuclear) and Imported Energy.
Generation by Fuel Type.
Breakdown of Current Power Generation - updates every 30 minutes
Solar Generation

Sheffield University working closely with National Grid, have derived an up to date estimate of the PV capacity deployed on the GB transmission network. Thier latest estimate puts the installed capacity at 12 GWp!

Estimated by Sheffield University.
Detailed Generation
Daily Generation in GW