Daily Electricity Prices Vs Demand

from 2021/01/22 11:15 to 2021/01/23 11:15

What is happening to wholesale price of electricity today?
What happened to the imbalance price over the last 24 hours?
How much electricity is being used in the UK at present?
Does demand affect the price of electricity?
How volatile are energy prices today?
Is electricity cheaper at night?

These are all questions and more are answered in these live daily wholesale price / demand charts.

This a continuous live stream of real time electricity prices and demand. The data is updated every 30 minutes, 24/7/365.

This information is based on data provided by the National Grid.

The first chart shows the total demand, price, imbalance price over the last 24 hours. This give an complete overview of the trend in energy trading in the UK.

The other charts show the breakdown.

The tables give actual figures, for those who like more detail.

All graphs can be downloaded and shared.

All energy generation is measured in Gigawatts, GW. Energy prices are in £ / MWh, MegaWatt/Hours

Mid Market Price
Average Market Price updates every 30 minutes


Detailed Pricing and Generation
Half Hourly Generation in MW, Price in £/MWh