Live Interconnector Flows

from 2021/01/22 11:30 to 2021/01/23 11:30

Does the UK import electricity?
Did the National Grid export electricity in the last 24 hours?
Are we exporting power to France?
Are we using electricity from the Netherlands?
Is Ireland supplying the UK with power?

These are all questions and more are answered in these inconnector charts.

This a continuous live stream of real time electricity flows through the 4 interconnectors. The data is updated every 30 minutes, 24/7/365.

This information is based on data provided by the National Grid.

Britain’s electricity market currently has 4GW of interconnectors:

2GW to France (IFA)
1GW to the Netherlands (BritNed)
500MW to Northern Ireland (Moyle)
500MW to the Republic of Ireland (East West).

The first chart shows the total power flows over the last 24 hours. This give an complete overview of the trend in energy imports and exports from the UK.

The other charts show the breakdown between the four interconnectors.

The tables give actual figures, for those who like more detail. A positive number is power being imported, negative means exported.

All graphs can be downloaded and shared.

All energy flows are measured in Megawatts, MW.

Interconnector Flow - Import and Export of Power
Total Flow updates every 30 minutes

Detailed Interconnectors
Live Flow in MW

Interconnector Chart
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