UK Spark and Clean Spark

from 2020/01/24 10:11 to 2021/01/23 10:11

Spark Spread

The prices shown here are the spark spread. This is the theoretical gross margin of a UK gas-fired power plant from selling a unit of electricity, having bought the fuel required to produce this unit of electricity. All other costs (operation and maintenance, capital and other financial costs) must be covered from the spark spread. The term was invented in the 1990's and is used around the world.

In the UK and other countries that are covered by the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, generators also have to consider the cost of carbon dioxide emission allowances that will be under a cap and trade regime.

Clean spark spread

The spread equal to the regular (or ‘dirty’) spark spread minus the CO2 emissions cost for gas-fired power plants. This spread then represents the net revenue on power sales after gas costs and emissions allowance costs.¬†This is closer to the actual profitability of gas fired generation

All prices are in £/MWh

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